Asian Center for Applied Mindfulness

Dedicated to transforming education & business
through mindfulness practice, advancing a more compassionate society.

The Course

We train practitioners through direct experience. Our course delivers enhancement of concentration and empathy. This contributes to calmer classrooms and businesses. Learn more about our one day course. Email ACAM

Practice Centered Approach

With a practice centered approach, our experienced teachers provide training methods for developing mindfulness practitioners, teachers and facilitators.  Learn more about our one day course. See curriculum here.


Participants who complete The Course, receive the Asian Center of Applied Mindfulness Certificate. Learn more about our one day course. Email ACAM

Asian Center for Applied Minfulness

Where educators and business professionals train.


Mindful Professionals

Good management produces a healthy society. Managing ourselves is the first challenge. How present are we for ongoing moment-to-moment experiences? Scattered and unfocused, life becomes stressed and confused. In the middle of multitasking business activity, we can slip into emotions and actions that lead to negative outcomes. Email ACAM


Mindful Educators

For teachers, training and practice in mindfulness skills can increase well-being and ability to maintain supportive relationships with students and parents. Students doing these practices have shown a range of cognitive and social benefits. These include improvements in attention, academics and social skills. Email ACAM


Quality of Life

When we live with greater mindfulness we can act from choice and be more effective. When we examine the nature of what it means to live well at work or at home, we quickly realize that quality of life comes first.

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Quality of Focus

Business schools are beginning to teach mindfulness techniques for people to increase focus. Developing these skills is increasingly important for succeeding in an accelerating environment with pervasive distractions.


Quality Decisions

By improving the quality of attention, we improve productivity and the quality of decisions. Mindfulness can fuel work. A quiet mind more easily recognizes opportunities and is ready to react more intelligently.



Rigorous Mindfulness Training