So many people are miserable at work! Millions, it turns out. No matter what the “work” is — corporate leaders, cashiers and food service employees, entrepreneurs — we’re a culture of misery when it comes to work.

And the costs of that misery are high indeed, both in the workplace, as well as for individuals. In this CDC article, depression “is estimated to cause 200 million lost workdays each year at a cost to employers of $17 to $44 billion.”

Factor in stress, anxiety, plus OCD and other behaviors that can be the result of stress, anxiety and depression, and we’re talking about an enormous cost.

The good news is that individuals have a great deal of control over their own happiness (as do organizational cultures, but that’s a different article).

1. Control … Sometimes It’s Good

What/where is one area of your work life that you can control? Start small, and simple. Keeping part of your desk cleaned-up? Getting through your email box every day? Taking a regular morning and afternoon break, and getting outside and simply breathing for 10 minutes?

Any one small positive mindful action begins to reset your neural pathways. Which helps you begin feeling happier almost immediately. Which helps you be more productive. Which results in you feeling happier.

Which results in your co-workers and bosses feeling happier. See how it works?

“Studies show that people with a greater sense of control at work are more likely to have job and family satisfaction. They’re also better at their jobs, research reveals.”

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