Our Team

Casey Gramaglia

ACAM Co-Founder & Teacher. Founder of Thai Hermit Yoga. A student of Phra Dhammamangalajarn Tong Sirimangalo, and practitioner for decades. Casey teaches mindfulness in classrooms at PREM Tinsulanonda International School. Through practice, students can train their minds. These skills inspire creative learning and a balanced life.

Peter Gabriel Seidler

ACAM Founder & Teacher, Innovation Advisor and ChivaCare Co-Founder. A student of meditation for more than twenty five years, Peter has taught since 2003. He brings insights arising from practice to his clients, helping them recognize intrinsic brilliance.

Steve Epstein

ACAM Presenter. Steve has been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh since September, 2011. He has coordinated the cozy Chiang Mai Buddhist sangha, the Green Papaya Sangha, for over seven years. Simple (yet profound) practice can bring ease, calm and insight into busy lives.

Rigorous Mindfulness Training